Placement and Consultancy Services

Suraksha Security Services provides executive & mass search and recruitment consulting services to global clients. It is one of the leading recruitment consultants. We are highly ethical, professional and result oriented organization in the business of providing human sources to meet the ever growing demands of the various industry segments.

The enormous experience and the work ethics of the past has helped Global Agencies - India emerge as an agency specializing in providing with well qualified and experienced staff to fulfill the need of the employers. Finding talent will be a difficult and costly task globally for the foreseeable future. If you want to grow your business in the current resources environment, your organization must incorporate an aggressive recruitment strategy in its strategic business plans.

One of our main activities is the recruitment of skilled personnel for IT, construction and other industries: engineers, technicians, We also provide seasonal workers, employees for fixed length contracts and staff for permanent positions:

  • Professional Security Gaurds
  • Office Boys and Executives
  • Marketing and Sales boys
  • Call centre staff
  • Care assistants
  • Domestic workers
  • Hospitality and industrial workers
  • Call centre staff